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    So, I should have done this yesterday, because my first comment in this forum DID seem suspect.

    I am a fairly new enhanced human, on my way to becoming a god amongst mortals like many of you . I do take gear and my health seriously, but am having fun really enjoying the ride. Currently 5'10" 12% 184lbs

    Back in November I was referred to an endo that was "generous" on the prescriptions as long as I played the game. (In office supplements and things of that nature.). I ran 100mg a week of pharma test C and had adex on hand, into January, then march bumped up to 200. Right around April I ran more bloods finding I was probably a little more sensitive to estrogen aromatisation than a few friends of mine, and started adex straight away. May I ordered mast/deca and more ad ex, along test E 250 and am currently 6 weeks into a 20 week blast. I am sitting on mast and deca currently as well as some raw test, but will jump back on pharma while cruising through winter. Also as I side note I think I will be switching to aromasin here shortly.

    Anyways that's me. As I said I'm still new to gear and am here to learn more. Thanks.
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    Welcome to the forum bro. You do know that 20 week blast is a long cycle and you may have problems recovering even with a good PCT.

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