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Thread: Steroid Philosophy

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    Steroid Philosophy

    Yes, we are a steroid bulletin board. But the answer is not always going to be "take steroids ".

    If I had a race auto shop installing superchargers to engines, and you came in with a stock 62 Tbird with high mileage, it would be irresponsible for me to recommend putting a supercharger on your car. Yes, for a brief moment, your car would have a lot of power. But once the light turns green and you step on the gas, transmission and power train parts all over the street. Your car simply cannot handle the power without making some modifications.

    The same is true with steroids.

    If you are:

    1) Not at least in your mid twenties, or
    2) Not spent the last several years intensely training in the gym, or
    3) Do not have an adequate working knowledge of nutrition, and have been practicing it, then

    The answer will not be "Take steroids".

    Any deficiencies in the above three need resolution prior to steroid advice.

    Any questions?

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    What are the stats on the Tbird? What supercharger would you have recommended?

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    I like more and more of you guys are using car analogies like I have been doing for a long time, although yours is a little better explained.
    Car analogies are one thing I think most guys can relate to.

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    I have a '72 Nova and want to run a run a 9 second quarter mile. I'm going to install a twin super charged LS2, 250 shot of NOS, and 4:56 gears. This should put me at about 1,000 ft-lbs of torque. This is my first car and already have all the parts except for a disk brake conversion kit. Any help installing these parts would be appreciated. By the way Im 18 and have never driven before.

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