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    Messed up my first cycle plz help for my second one

    I started juicing always wanted to my friend was doing it so he got me the hookup and he was doing it none stop for months so I did it to the point that I was takin 1cc of test & 1cc of tren every other day but than I stopped and did some pct from a nutrishop after I finished it I started to get really bad acne so now I'm on accutane so my question is what do u recommend for my "second" cycle I already lost bout 20 lbs but I love how big I was getting this sucks
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    Try working on your diet first. You lost size because you weren't eating to sustain new growth.

    OTC pct is a joke. You need to get blood work done before anything. And at 23 I recommend waiting and researching till a minimum of 25 yrs old.

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