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Thread: Should i start taking Novla?

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    Should i start taking Novla?

    Am in my 5th week of my first 12 week Test-E cycle, 500mg/week.

    Have taken arimidex at 0.25 EOD since i started.

    Have not really felt any effects from the test yet, but for the last week i could swear that my nipples look very puffy. They've been getting very hard too when its cold, and pertrude a lot more than i remember they used to.

    I have had a slight itch at times, and for the last 3 days, my left nipple has felt quite tender, and the feeling has been present when i wear shirts and it is rubbing on the material.

    I have however been constantly touching my left nipple due to my gyno paranoia, and as such wonder if me touching it could just be aggrivating it and causing the pain

    I can't feel any lumps underneath, but then again my paranoia is now telling me that I can feel "discs" underneath each of my nipples, again, this could just be the gland underneath that i have never noticed.

    My nipples are not tender to touch at all.

    I have upped my arimidex to 0.5 EOD, and am considering taking Novla too to see if it helps.

    Do people think that would be a good idea?

    What novla dosages should i take? And would i then have to carry it on throughout the whole cycle? What would be the downsides of starting on Novla now?

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    I would recommend taking some blood work to see where your estrogen level is at. If your that concern then just take your Adex ED.

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    Nocebo effects can be quite powerful sometimes, especially with gyno. A lot of men never play with their nipples before they go on cycle so getting worked up over nothing happens a lot.

    The glands under your nipples are supposed to be there, they are just supposed to be fairly small and not very sensitive when pressed on. I do not think you are getting gyno, it sounds more like you are worrying. But I would hate to downplay gyno is you are indeed getting it.

    If you think you are getting gyno you will notice very visibly swollen/puffy nipples, they may or may not itch (I have had it twice and they never itched either time), the gland will become very sensitive when pressed on, and the gland will eventually become larger.

    The safest best is to get bloodwork done, since you are mid-cycle, or around there I am guessing, mid-cycle bloodwork would rule out estrogen problems. This is why we say bloodwork before, during, and after.

    I would also recommend taking pictures of your nipples to compare a week or two down the road. At this stage in your paranoia you are liable to create growth in your head just by worrying about it so it is better to take pictures and get outside opinions.

    I would do another search of gyno symptoms and be sure you really have it, it sounds like you are worrying too much.

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    Is it good adex? If so, just get BW and find other things to play with. Female nipples come to mind....
    No need to start Nolva yet, imho.
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    Am so torn as whether it is my mind playing tricks or not... they definitely seem puffy and stick out like roadworks cones when erect! Will keep at .5 Alex eod and try and stop myself from worrying and checking them for a few days and see.

    Am fairly sure the Adex is legit as ive had headaches and sore joints from it!

    Am a bit more sceptical about the test tbh! Will do my 6th pin on Wednesday and still wouldn't say ive seen any physical effects, nor any in sex drive etc

    AM a bit stuck on where to get BW done. M in the UK nd don't want my to go to my GP and have this on my Medical record, he is a very probing and difficult person and wouldn't do bloods unless he deemed absolutely necessary.

    Are there any other ways to get BW in the UK?

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    Get bloodwork done. That's the only way to know for sure.

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