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Thread: TestE & dbol

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    TestE & dbol

    Just seeing what you guys reckon with the stack iv got going. Any advice is great especially regarding the AI and pct.

    500mg testE a week. For 8weeks
    20mgs dbol every day For 4weeks

    Ai is .25mgs letro every 2nd day

    Pct i plan on using the letro along with tamoxifen . At 20mgs/ day for 30 days.

    First cycle and Iv just hit 4 weeks in. No back acne and very little bloat.

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    Defiling Myself
    At 23 and first cycle. I don't like it
    1 Age
    2 letro for ai it's strong and harsh. Recommend dex
    3 8 weeks to short for test e 12 weeks optimal
    4 drop the dbol
    5 pct novla and clomid
    6 no hcg listed

    Complete stats please

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