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    Talking First cycle. Need help. Cut or recomp.

    hey guys, I'm new here.. this is my first post.
    first of all, iv had 30ml of test e sitting at home along with 100 blue heart dbol , nolva, a-dex etc for a while now as iv contemplated using them for a few months now.. but unsure whether to bulk or cut..
    iv now realised after much self examination that i definitely do need a BIG cut,
    but would still like to use my test, the path i am on now is i think I'm going to order some anavar and run a test e/anavar and (possibly) clen cycle..

    I'm thinking of doing a cycle like this..

    week 1-12 test e 500 mg/week (2shots)
    week 1-4 anavar 80mg
    week 8-12 anavar 80mg
    week 14-16 standard nolva/clomid pct
    (or anavar throughout whole cycle)

    will have a-dex on hand and may even run whole cycle regardless at 1mg e3d seeing as iv only got one box and that is only just enough.
    have ordered some meditech clen tabs aswell and thinking of doing 2weeks on/2 weeks off throughout cycle and on after..

    I'm hoping to keep all mass, if not gain a few kilos of lbm (since i am a virgin) and be fuller, whilst losing my belly and dropping bf% significantly.. do you think this is a good cycle for me?
    i have also contemplated just cutting with clen until i am around 10-15% but i don't want to lose much size or strength and i am just so eager to jump on.
    do you think i should run a cutting/recomp cycle like this, or cut with clen alone and then bulk with the test e + dbol..

    my stats;

    weight:roughly 95kg
    bf: roughly 20%
    training experience: 6 years
    bench: not sure of 1rm (train alone) but i think according to last time its about 140-150kg.. (bench 110kg comfortably for reps)

    photos; NOTE: 3 of them are taken today and i just got back from a 2 week holiday in fiji so i have alot of beer weight and haven't trained in 2 weeks lol

    all feedback is welcome, thank you.

    First cycle. Need help. Cut or recomp.-photo-13-08-14-7.15-pm-5.jpgFirst cycle. Need help. Cut or recomp.-photo-13-08-14-7.15-pm-7.jpgFirst cycle. Need help. Cut or recomp.-photo-21-05-14-7.26-pm.jpgFirst cycle. Need help. Cut or recomp.-photo-13-08-14-7.16-pm-3.jpg
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    Work on diet first to loose the extra body fat and in the mean time read up on why it's a good idea to wait a couple more years.

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    with 6 years training experience and 20% body fat, it is clear to me you only use one foot in a two legged race. Why the lack of knowledge about nutrition? You are not ready for AAS for two significant reasons:

    1) Still a bit young hormonally. Wait til your mid twenties when your hormonal system has finally finished development.
    2) You don't know how to eat to support any gains from AAS

    step 1 - go to the nutrition section. Post your daily diet in detail. include your macros per meal and total macros for the day. Calculate your TDEE and post that too. Discuss why you feel your eating under or over TDEE is relevant to your goals. We will critique and offer options.

    And please, restate your stats in inches and pounds so dumbasses like me don't have to do the conversions to make sense of your metric stat disclosure.

    See you on the other side

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