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Thread: PIP or infection?

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    PIP or infection?

    I pinned quads about 3-4 days ago and might have hit some hard tissue because the injection wasnt as smooth as usual. Had only slight PIP the following day.

    Yesterday i had a pretty heavy leg session, felt absolutely no pain. Today though i noticed i could barely move my leg because it hurts like crazy. Feels like DOMS but localized in the center of quads where i injected. No pain on other leg though.

    The area feels slightly warm to the touch but no redness or "swollness" that i can see.

    What exactly are the characteristics of abscess forming in the early stage? I mean if you have to wait until its swollen and red it might be too late to treat medically.

    I have had PIP before but that shows up pretty much immediately after pinning and maybe for a day or two, not 4 days after.

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    What did you pin? Prop usually takes a day of two. I did a shot of a mix of 75mg prop and 75 of pheylprop once. Once that was it. It was unbearable

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    Cutmix of test, tren , mast. Shortest esters

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    Still hurts after 7 days go to the docs, But should clean up just sounds like a bad pip. Keep an eye on it, I personally wouldn't worry at this point .
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