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    Thoughts on first cycle?

    Hi Everyone,

    I just posted this onto the New male members section. below is my planned 1st cycle. Let me know what you thing xD.

    About me:

    I am 24 years old (almost 25). I have been gymming for the last 18 months approximately. Prior to that I had an extended break from gym for about 12 months, prior to that I was lifting for approx 2 years.

    Currently I am about 88kg with around 15% body fat (maybe less)


    - add between 3-5kg of lean muscle.

    - lose up to 3-5% body fat (this is probably a bit of a stretch)

    - KETO diet

    (I have already purchased all of these items)

    week 1-8 test prop 100mg EOD (maybe up to 125mg or 150mg EOD see how I go)

    week 3-8 ANAVAR 75mg ED - 25mg caps x2 morning 1x in the afternoon prior to workout.

    week 2-8 arimidex .25mg EOD

    week 2-8 250iu HCG Pregnyl 2x/wk (pin with test)

    week 8.5-11.5 Nolva ED 20mg (80 mg day 1) 80 60 40 40 20 20 etc

    week 8.5-11.5 Clomid 100mg wk 9 ED - 50mg wk 10-11 ED (150mg day 1)

    week 2-8 (or longer) Clen 20-100mcg ED 2wkon2wkoff (see how this one goes)

    BCAA's sups etc:

    week 2-10 Taurine 3-5g ED
    Creatine ED
    BCAA's stack ED
    WHEY protein x3 ED

    Opinions/thoughts/ideas? Should I take clen while doing PCT?


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    I think you need to decide to bulk or cut. You will be dissapointed trying to do both. Your cycle looks like more of a cutting cycle in terms of length and the use of Clen . I would start hcg from the start of the cycle. Clen during pct is ok. I have tried it and it helped me focus better during pct.

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    Try to look under the thread: My First Cycle: Planning and Executing a Successful First Cycle in the educational threads.

    I am quite sure that the experienced members will say that you should only take test on the first cycle(i.e. just drop the anavar and clen , they are probably very tired of explaining this many times daily, but good that you have ai and hcg on cycle and the pct, but maybe pct should be 4 weeks and look at the doses in the educational threads? But that is not for me to say).

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    Test is too short. Need to be about 12 weeks.
    Adex from day 1.
    HCG from day 1.
    First cycle and your going to pin EOD?
    Anavar is a waste IMO. Not going to do much for you.
    And your first cycle should be test only.

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    Avavar gave me crazy cardio. If are intent on using it, lengthen your cycle and use it closer the end of your cycle as I assume you want to stay lean also.

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