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Thread: 2nd Cycle Test e/Tren A

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    2nd Cycle Test e/Tren A

    Hey guys, so first off I am new to the forum but have been a long time lurker. A bit of background I did my first cycle just over a year ago which was 10 weeks 400mg test e/decanoate (not deca , the test ester) with 40mg dbol 1-4 kickstart and nolva PCT. I didnt see any sides (few pimples) nor did I have AI on hand but that will definately be a different story this time.
    As of now I am 5'7 180lbs 7-8%bf, I was running a Ketogenic diet for the last 6 months but have just recently switched to a more bb and AAS friendly diet of 40C/40P/20f at around 2600kcal a day. (All carbs are brown rice, unsweetened oats, brocolli, sweet potatoes) so im trying to do this clean but I do understand the Trenappetite so lets hope I can stay on track. So although Tren may not be the most desireable 2nd cycle choice, I have just spent a majority of the year getting cut, and dont want to bloat with a test cycle like i did first cycle ( diet wasnt as good as it should of been).

    So as of now from the research I have done here is what I am planning to run:
    wk1-10 Test e 250mg
    wk 3-12 Tren a 100mg EOD
    Nolva PCT (I know not to run while on 19 nor steroids but from what I understand can still use for PCT and since it worked good last time?)
    Arimidex on hand or should I just take it before seeing any signs of gyno?
    and Finally my Cabergoline which is the one thing my source doesnt have so im going on a bit of a hunt, does prami work as good or should i get the caber? (Source doenst have prami either so its a hunt)

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    You shouldn't be cycling at 22. You definitely do not need to be cycling for Tren because you do not need it yet. If you ran a successful first cycle and are only at a lean 180 now then you most likely cycled too early, not just an early age, but with not a good base.

    This is not a flame directed at you because of your age. Even if you were of age I still would not recommend Tren to you because you are not ready for it. One of the main reasons we tell people to hold off on Tren is because it is very powerful. This means it is easy to let things get out of control and it is best to be very experienced with AAS, ancillaries, and your body before trying it. You are not on a level where I would feel comfortable telling you to do Tren, despite your age, simply because you do not know enough as indicated by your question about AI.

    As for bloat, that can be managed fairly well by diet and estrogen control. I wouldn't choose my compounds based on bloat unless I was doing a pre-contest or a cycle just before swimsuit season.
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    If you arent in TRt I dont recommens 19nor...

    Tren and nandrolone can make it extremely hard to recover...

    If you want to stay lean masteron could help alot.

    You could try 100mg EOD of prop and mast acetate with 50-80mg anavar daily.

    Water retention should be minimal, youll look rock solid and some.lean tissue should be built.

    Keep in mind that masteron is a strong DHT... So it has all the side comming along.

    Keep tren for when you wont be planning on comming off.

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