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Thread: first cycle run through

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    first cycle run through

    Hi guys i would like peoples opinion on this. Here is some back ground info. I have been working out for 10+ years. I am 26 years old i have mastered weights and cardio. Right know i am getting gains full time and don't have to work to support myself. So i am taking this opportunity to do my first cycle. My goal is to put on lean mass with MINIMUM amount dosage. It is my personal preference to keep the dosage low because i would like to see how my body reacts to it first. i am staying away from Orals.

    my current stats are 180, 8 percent body fat, 5'8

    week 1, 200mg test E
    week 2, 200mg test E
    week 3, 300mg test E,
    week 4, 300mg test E
    Week 5, 300 mg test E
    week 6, 350 mg test E
    week 7, 359 mg Test E.

    I will have tamoxifen incase of water bloat or gyno. I'm sure i will not have that problem with such low dosages but everybody is different so just in case.

    PCT - 8 days after last shot
    HCG 2000IU every other day for 20days
    clomid 50mg 2x a day 30 days
    nolvadex 2x a day for 45 days

    appreciate any advice thank you.

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    Why dont you just run this?

    Week 1 to 12: Testosterone enanthate 250 mg every 3.5 days (500mg/week total)
    - Week 1 to 12: hCG 250 iu every 3.5 days (500 iu/week total)
    - Week 1 to 14: Arimidex 0.25mg every other day (From day 2 up until PCT starts)

    Clomid 75/50/50/50
    Nolvadex 40/20/20/20

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    Pretty useless doing 200mg a week IMO

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    Follow this but adjust values to fit your lower test dosage.

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    You sound like you would do great with the beginners cycle.
    Read the stickies and educate yourself a bit more.

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    Good attitude to keep by wanting to keep your dosage low but if they are too low (as you have outlined) you will really just be shutting down your hpta without any real benefit. Follow the link that describes how to execute a proper first cycle written by austinite, you can't go wrong.
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