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    Thumbs up 6 weeks into first cycle

    Hi all-

    Iíve been reading this board for about 6 months but donít post much, mainly because in addition to being an a/s novice, working and training Iíve been in night school this summer so not alot of free time. Anyway Iím 6 weeks into my first cycle and thought Iíd post a progress report to contribute something back to the board. When I started this quest I checked out every a/s board I could find and anabolicreview is hands down the best. There is a whole bunch of you that helped me out without knowing it. Giving credit where its due our resident guru Mike is the one that really spent a lot of time helping me work through the details.

    Stats going into cycle: 40 yrs, 5í-8Ē, 185 lbs, bf 14%.

    Week 1 EQ 400mg
    Week 2 EQ 400mg
    Week 3 EQ 400mg
    Week 4 EQ 400mg
    Week 5 EQ 400mg
    Week 6 EQ 400mg Winnny 50mg/EOD
    Week 7 EQ 400mg Winnny 50mg/ED
    Week 8 EQ 400mg Winnny 50mg/ED
    Week 9 EQ 400mg Winnny 50mg/ED
    Week 10 EQ 400mg Winnny 50mg/ED
    Week 11 Winnny 50mg/ED
    Week 12 Winny 50mg/EOD

    Start Clomid Week 12
    300mg first day
    100mg next 10 days
    50mg next 10 days

    Iím running this as a light bulking cycle. Diet is around 3500k per day. Body weight has increased 10 lbs evenly distributed. Body fat is still 14% Strength is up 10-15%. Muscle definition, hardness, endurance and pumps have very noticeably improved and get better every day. Needless to say I am one happy mother f***er. Canít wait to see the end results and cut the bf to10%. Mike- you did good!

    Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to share your knowledge on this board, never could have done it without you. Soon as I finish school next month and get a life again Iíll be spending more time here. Of course that will be somewhat self-serving because Iím ready to start planning my next cycle!!

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    congrats bro, very sweet gains - u should keep almost all of them to. i would wait maybe 1 more week to start clomid, EQ usually lasts 2.5-3 weeks. otherwise, an extreemely well designed cycle IMHO.

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    Good looking cycle bro and congrats on you progress. Keep it up.

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    Thumbs up

    Excellent, keep up the good work bro.........

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    Mike Guest
    nice gains - good work

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