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    Diet help while on cycle.

    Im looking for some info on diet.

    6ft 2
    200 lbs
    32y/o 10 yrs of training

    Im looking to put on about 10-15 lbs of muscle and lose about 10 lbs of fat... I have never cycled before. I have used prohormones and had good results (except for hair loss)

    Cycle test e 400 split, + aromasin with proper pct

    I plan to do a 12 wk cycle, take off about 2-3 months and do another 12 week going into summer with summer being the area that I want to become ripped for.

    I currently eat rather high carb high protein x6 a day for around 2800-3100 cals. Im wondering if with the extra push from the cycle I should cut out carbs in half my meals or keep em high or even higher. breakdown of current meals that have def put me rather overweight (compared to what i was)
    1-protein shake 40g 1 cup oats

    2- 1 cut pasta or rice, 6 oz chicken

    3-1 cup pasta or peanut butter and jelly sandwich with 6 oz chicken

    4-pwo shake 50 g protein 80-100 grams carbs

    5- pwo meal 6-8 oz chicken or beef, 1.5 cup carbs

    6- peanut butter jelly sandwich, 20g protein shake, 8 oz milk, somthing sweet and fatty...doughnut

    I also have fats thrown in...occasional slice pizza or something during each day usually.

    so up anything or just leave it alone and see what i do on test?

    thanks for help!

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    U should put this thread in the Nutrition Section. It will also be important to calculate your TDEE.

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