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    What would you recommend for my first cycle?

    Hi guys, I have been reading a lot of newbie dos and dont and will definitely not touch anything until I finish doing so. But could you guys recommend whats type of steroids and cycles newbies are having success with? I am 5'8, 170, lifting for 2 years, macros, diet figured out. I am looking to stay under 200, I don't want to look super buff but would like to get ripped and maybe gain some weight along with it. If anyone has seen Matt Ogus on youtube, thats the kind of looking I am aiming for. Thanks!

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    Just do Test for your first cycle and you will gain weight and some good muscle, if you're wanting to look like you're not on steroids , then that's not going to happen, depending on your "diet and training". For sure you will stay under 200 unless your eat like a pig, watch your macros and clean bulk.

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    Well if you are 170 and been working out for 2 years, i really dont think you will have to worry about getting over 200 on your first cycle.
    I, and most on here will tell you to do Test. I would run it 500mg/w. Simple~!

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