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    I am listening to you all, going on Test E only- help me I might get BOOBS.

    Ok guys I have decided to go Test E only first ever cycle however I am still probably 3-4 months away from doing so. I need to know what I should run while doing Test E. What about best setting for PCT?

    MAIN CONCERN: I have always had puffy nipples (more nipples then chest) and I am afraid that Test E will give me a new set of boobs.... (I am dude...)


    170, 5'8
    12% BODY FAT
    2 years lifting, good clean bulk diet currently

    Looking to stay under 190 but look shredded. I am not going for the mass super buff look necessarily. Thanks!

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    Make sure you take arimidex during your cycle. Start out with 0.25mg eod and increase to 0.5mg eod if you suspect symptons of growth. Just don't be paranoid, the more you think about it and play with your nipples the more you'll trip out.

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    Well hell, you've only been in the gym two years. Already jumping into AAS?

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    No man geez two years on serious routine, even before then I used to play sports and did some lifting

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