Hi all.
I am 40 + and will soon do a 10-12 week cutting cycle.
I have alpha pharmas parabolin(tren hex) as well as their test prop.
I also have test prop 50mg-1ml from ukraine.dont know wich is best ??
I want to take 1 amp parabolin e3d (76,5mg-1.5ml) along with 50mg-1ml test prop e3d...(mild cycle,yes )
Can someone with first hand experience tell me what is suggested to add during and after cycle to prevent the risk of gyno, and what to take or not to take not to loose or have negative effect on the sex drive?? (please dont laugh ...
I was also told to do a rotating 2 weeks off and on with t3 cytomel and clenbuterol to increase the fatburning?
appreciate any and all tips, warnings and help.