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    Had ED before cycle, during it went away wtf

    I'm a 25 yr old male, 6ft5in 224 lbs. For the past couple years I've had ed. Went to a uro and did a Doppler test and he concluded I had a veinous leak. Not many options for that. I had used a combo of pde5's and alpha blockers but it could be very touch and go.
    I then ran a cycle of test e 500 a week with proviron and aromasin . After a week or so my ed started to go away to the point I almost didn't need any medicine. It was great. My cycle is now done and I'm just past pct and I'm back to where I was.
    My pre cycle bloodwork was normal except for my e2 was high. I thought this could play a role but as of right now my test is back and my e2 was normal but it's still bad.
    One thing I found out was I have this issue, it started for my father at the same age and my grandfather had it( don't know what age)

    I'm meeting with my uro and primary doc as I believe the penile Doppler test was false.

    Why would a guy with normal test levels suddenly be cured of Ed with a cycle?

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    Because supraphysiological test levels increase libido to supraphysiological levels for a few months. Why do you think guys always rave/complain about wanting to **** everything in site on cycle?

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    It goes beyond libido. I still got plenty horny before the cycle. Its just it didnt work. Then at times when my libido was low on cycle i could still get it up no problem. I did have a point where my e2 got high and it became difficult again.

    I guess my goal is to figure out if there are other hormones at play. An erection is a very conplex process and everything isnt even understood. Is it just as simple as more test?

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    Do you know your total and free testosterone before cycle?

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    IMO - and im not a steroid or endocrine expert - i would agree with the assertion that the conclusion drawn from the doppler tests were incorrect. If it was a venous problem, which would be mechanical in nature, then how would increased test override this?

    Agreed, the body is a very complex thing, however.

    If there is one thing that ive learnt, Kanexc, is that some people get ED yet all their BW is within normal range, so looking at test levels etc will not always give the answer. There is more at play than scientists know about atm.

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    Mr. Bb
    Total test was 671. Range 250-1100
    Free test 87. Range 35-155
    Estrogen 45. Range <=29
    All pre cycle. This is where i began to doubt veinous leak was the issue. I lowered my e2 and raised my test and i was actually normal for a change.

    As of right now im going back to both my docs and starting to go down the parh of searching my hormones out. Thyroid? Estrogen? Who knows what, there are so many possibilities.

    On a side note while on cycle i got married and my wife pregnate so thats a plus. Looking back at my family, my dad and his brother got my grandfathers genes. As in they have the bodytype of a high estrogen male, higher bf in the mid section, puffy nipple, predisposed to putting fat on their chest, and the dreaded ed. My dads other brother got my grandmas genes, slender build, balding and no ed.

    My biggest fear right now is sadly if i have a son he gets my genes. I dont want him to ever face this problem
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