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    New to steroids!

    i am male and i am 21 years old. I am from germany so excuse me, if i make grammar mistakes, because english is my 3rd language.
    I signed in the gym 4 years go. But at the begin, like most beginners, i didn`t know anything. I was obese and only trained sometimes. There were periods. where i haven`t trained at all (like for 6 months). I gained weight (but no strength, because i have rarely trained). So i ended at 110 kg (242 pounds). I got sick of beeing fat, so i started to diet. I took party in a boxing gym. I learned to eat cleaner and lost almost 33 kg (over 70 pounds). So i ended at 170 pounds and pretty weak (5 dead-hang chips, 110 pounds bench press). After the cut i started a 9 month bulking phase. I ate mostly clean, but i have a big appetite (and i guess i am endomorph, i was never fat till my 15 years, but i was a litte bit heavier than the others), so i ended up at 200 pounds. I guess i fat ****ed a bit myself. But atleast i was able to do chin-ups, which i couldn`t last years with the same weight.
    My strength was at 200 pounds:
    7 dead-hang chin-ups
    176 pounds bench press (with creatine, 1 rm was probably 200 pounds)
    deadlift (mixed grip. 1rm 330 pounds with liquid chalk)
    squats (not sure, because i was doing hack-squats, but recently i have started to squat, i guess i could squat 5 times 225 pounds). Nothing really to brag, but at least average.

    I am right now on the cut, i have already lost 11 pounds and i am at the moment 190 pounds. I lost a bit strength, but not much (165 pounds, 5-7 times), the rest is almost the same as before.

    I am aware that i have wasted much time and that from all the time, i only trained 10 months (with cutting 1 year) correctly. I regret i have not trained and ate regulary from begin. As i notice i gain fast, but i gain to much fat too.

    After the long introducing, i am coming to my question.

    I am planning to do an anavar cycle. I know that most people say (and i do not doubt that they do not know what they, because they have the experience) "Never run Anavar only" but as all beginners i do not like injects and i heard that testosterone gains will be lost if you stop to cycle.
    I plan to cycle once. And i heard that anavar gives you "permanent gains".
    But i have not definetely decided to take any steroids , so i would like to ask the experts here.
    Here are my questions:
    Is it really true that anavar gains are permanent? So if i would make a short cycle (i hope it wouldnt shut my own testosterone production), would i keep most of my gains and continue to gain slowly (naturally) after it (and after PCT)?
    2nd Question: And if anavar gains are permanent, would i keep the gains from the cut (the first question was related to a bulk)?

    What would be a good dose to not shut the own testosterone production and is a pct needed?
    I hope you can help me.
    And thanks in advance.

    PS: I am sorry if i posted it in the wrong sections. I know that i should have posted it on the welcome board. But i thought it would be better to do it on one post, so you have a better view.
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    taking enough anavar to see results is going to shut your natural test down.

    At your (our) age its a terrible idea to use any steroids at all, your endocrine system isn't finished fully developing, and messing with it is asking for trouble.

    Train naturally for a while longer and certainly don't do an anavar only cycle, chances are with your diet and experience you will lose the gains anyway, especially when you're shutting down your natural test production.

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    ^^ good advise.

    Please read this:

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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry to break the news to you but NO steroid gains are permanent. You will make gains but you must maintain those gains with vigorous workouts, clean diet and rest. You shouldn't use steroids right now. You need to give yourself time to get stronger naturally for the next few years. The better shape you are when you start AAS the more gains you're going to see in your cycle. AAS is not a short cut. You can actually seriously injure yourself with AAS. Keep training naturally and get into the habit of eating clean. After a few years you'll be ready to try your first cycle. Good luck

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