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    im 47 5'9" 190 lbs about 16 % bodyfat

    currently I am three weeks into a tren /sust cycle, taking 100mg of tren A EOD and 500 mg of sust/week.

    I started out by taking 1/2 mg of anastrozole the day after the sust pin twice a week.

    I started having sensitive nipples so I upped the anastrozole to 1/4 mg daily but my nipples are just getting more sensitive and inflamed.

    is it possible I have a bad batch? or do I need to go with a different route?

    any suggestions Is appreciated.


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    thanks big tahl, i have read through the ancillary reference guide and have read Austinites )Estrogen, Prolactin, Progesterone Management + Gynecomastia Prevention & Reversal) also. i will re read them bot at home this evening where i can foucus on it a little more. but the answere wasnt just jumping out at me.

    im running 300iu HCG every 4 days along with 60mg of Raloxifene daily.

    i dont have any Tamox on hand but i do have plenty of clomid.
    i also have some masteron on hand, but im not sure if this would help and what dogage to run.

    and another angle to all of this is is had this problem before and after lowering the dosage of test cyp and about two months of tamox and raloxifene the problem was resolved. im kinda starting to wonder if my Anastrozole is not good? is that common??

    thanks in advance

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