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    First time, odd vial!

    Got my first cycle of gear in the bag, but the vial seems odd. I always expected them to be in a higher quantity, where you would use one vial for each week, but my test e is in a single vial.
    It countains 250mg / ml and has 10 ml in them. So im supposted to take 2 ml a week. But the total amount is in 1 vial and not split up in 1 vial pr shot which i expected it to be.
    How do i handle it? Is it completely sealed after use and ready for the next week, and is it normal ?

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    You got a multi dose vial you are g2g it will reseal after you draw. Don't forget to inject 1 ml of air before you draw 1 ml of substance so you can keep a steady presure inside

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    Not to sure if your quite ready yet to cycle. Do you have everything straight? Enough gear, pct and most of all knowledge of what you are doing?

    Disclaimer-BG is presenting fictitious opinions and does in no way encourage nor condone the use of any illegal substances.
    The information discussed is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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    Hi Meanlock, welcome.

    With a question like this it is very apparent you are not ready for this at all.

    When playing around with injectables & hormones you can really hurt yourself long term.

    If I were you I would spend some time reading on this forum.

    Start here:
    But that stuff away for awhile!!!
    be safe.

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