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    i have a couple of quesions first is am at the end of a cycle of winstrol and my wrist and knees are in some pain, i have been told that winstrol is the reason that it dries out the join(1), it that true, if so when i am done will my body recover and aid my joints(2). the third question is all i used was winstrol so what is a good and safe amount of time to lay off before i start up and cycle something else or maybe even winstrol again. thank s alot and have a blessed day.

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    Hey man!
    what kind of gains did u get from winstrol by its self.
    Your joints feel all dry because of the winstrol.
    everything should come back to norm after. take about the same time off as you were on.

    Peace out and be safe

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    you do need clomid with winnie. also take som glucosimne in the mean time. I'd wait as long as you were on. for example 8 weeks on = 8 weeks off.

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