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    Newbie here looking for some basic info. I am currently studying up for a go at my first cycle. On the main page I have looked at some of the cycles for beginners and also reading about all of the AS profiles. Here is the question. Say I decide on a Sust 250 and most of the ones I have seen come in a 10 ml vial at 250 mg per dose does this mean and I apoligize for my ignorance that I will be getting 2500 mg per 10 ml vial.

    I apoligize for such a basic question but like I have said I want to make the best decision for myself with all of the available resources here on this page. This site blows me away and all of this info is great .


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    Yes. If you have a 10ml bottle of sustanon 250mg you will multiply that by ten which will give you 2500. You are correct. Glad you made it over here! There are alot of vets here to help you on your way. When you ask for any specific help, please give stats: age, hieght, weight, etc... Good Luck

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    I bumped this because this is one of the best posts I have read in a long time because he is asking questions and doing research. Good Luck Bro hope to see you one the boards more often

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