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    Albuterol questions?

    Hi everyone I am looking at getting some albuterol for my next cut. I'm just a bit unsure on names and brands? Is ventolin and salbuterol just other names for it? Assuming I use 4mg tablets should I start of testing tolerance and build up to a maximum of 12mg a day for 4 weeks or does anyone else have any other recommendations?

    Thanks in Adavance

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    Good day i think you mean clenbuterol .. Which is a bit different than ventolin or salbutamol, same drug type but its not the same effect as clenbuterol..
    Clen works by rising the core temp ir the body hennce increasing the metabolic rate but u have to make sure u stay hydrated and u should expect some random muscle spasm and resting tremor (shaking hands) while u use it.

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