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Thread: My cycle

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    My cycle

    This is what I am currently taking please do not try this for a first cycle,I have used gear before and I have tested my bodies boundaries. Please comment I love to hear opinions from other JUICE HEADS!!

    Sat - 1st (loading)
    75mgs anadrol a day for 6 weeks
    1cc test e
    1cc deca

    Monday- 1cc test
    1cc deca
    Thursday 1cc test
    1 cc deca
    Continued until 10 cc of each
    Anadrol will be dropped after 6 weeks then the same cycle will be continued with test E and tren E until 12 week max is reached .. While running these compounds I am also taking arimidex every other day and a liver shield in the morning and at night

    I will be coming off for about a month after this cycle and then jumping back on an oil only cycle

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    A cc means nothing. Mg is the measurement not cc or ml.

    Only 6 weeks of deca ? And then 6 weeks if tren e? Damn right nobody here should do what you are doing. No offence but the whole thing is terrible.

    Coming off for a month then going back on? No pct just cold turkey not letting your own levels recover?

    What are your stats and cycle history?
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