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    1st cycle thoughts?

    Hey new to the forums here and looks like a good bunch of guys, I have read through lots of threads and tons of useful information here, I am gona be starting my 1st cycle and would like to get som thoughts and opinions on what I can do or change, also a few questions concerning lab work. I am 33 years old 5'7 175 pounds 16% bf I have been training a solid 4 years and my diet is in check and I have a strict diet plans for the cycle . For the cycle I will be running test cyp only 500 mg a wk in two pins of 250 mg on Monday and Thursday, and have arimidex on hand pct will start 14 days after last pin and will be Nolvadex at 60 mg first dose and then 40 mg daily for the rest of that 2 wks and then 20 mg for 2 wks, I have been told that I will only need Nolva? Do you guys think I should add clomid or am I ok with just the Nolva? Also I am having a problem with getting labs done, in the place I am living is a smaller community and I am going to have to see a MD, I have checked *************---I think was the name of the site, but they don't have a location near me, so do I just schedule a appointment saying I think I have low t and need my levels checked? I am at a stand still on this cause I have no clue what to say or what to even set up and I don't want to tell them I need blood work for a steroid cycle lol, I know the blood work is important and after this is checked I feel I'm a lot closer to being ready to begin my cycle but I will not begin without knowing I have covered all my bases, any help or opinions on how my cycle is looking or what I can Change and what to do about this blood work issue is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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    Welcome to the board. Take a read through the planning and executing my first cycle sticky. It will answer all your questions and then you can post up your planned cycle with hcg and ai included. Post your proposed pct as well for review

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