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    First cycle , testosterone propionate only cycle please help

    hey guys so this is my first cycle ever and I chose test prop , I'm doing 10 weeks of 100mg mon,wed,Fri so 300mg a week . I also have arimadex on hand and my pct ready only thing I'm worried about basically is if my test is real ... People say you should feel the test working in about a week , today makes my 6th day and I don't think I feel anything yet. I do however feel the full pain of post injections on my ass which is a bitch ... Aldo weighed myself today and went up exactly a pound since I started 6 days ago , haven't been eating any differently so its not like I'm bulking or anything .pretty much wanna know how long to expect my test to kick in and for me to really feel it ... The lab of my test is "global pharmaceuticals" not many reviews online about it my guy got it from a pharmacy here in Miami where I live so maybe that's why anyways I'm going to post a pic of it , thanks for the help guys !
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    First of all, test is not hard to come by and unless you bought it from a complete douche bag it is probably real. But like everyone who has done AAS, you will come to realize that AAS does not make you huge. You have to do the work and adjust your diet and work out hard to benefit from it. What also sucks, is that if you are doing enough, in the next month or so you will start to see gains, but they are not muscle gains, but rather water gains that will go away as soon as you finish taking it. It is not a print, but a marathon, meaning it takes time.... A lot of time to get where you want to be. If you decide to bump up your dosage and it is your first cycle I would not go above 500mg per week as that seems to be about normal. If you are taking the safer side I certainly commend you for your caution, but should also expect even less from them. I do not know how old you are but am only giving advice while hoping you are at least 25 years old and less than 20% bf. If you are a higher it is probably better if it would be fake because you will not like what you look like with 20lbs of additional water weight; as many on here would agree. If you are on a schedule just keep on it, but you have to realize that you have to do most of the work. It is like clen and losing weight. If you are not dieting properly and not working out, clen will not make you skinny. But, if you are losing weight and dieting then clen can assist in the process. Similarly, with AAS, it does not do all of the work for you; which is why people say do your best on your own and when you reach a point you cannot gain anymore naturally, AAS can assist you in overcoming these hurdles. I do not know the company on the bottle you provided a picture for, but that certainly does not mean it is not real. But, regardless you still need to put in the effort and then you will know if it is working or not. Good luck!

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    My cycle, it hurt like a mother and really started kickin in between week 2 and 3. Felt like a donkey kick everywhere I pinned. PHENOMINAL RESULTS! Let us know in a bit.

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