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    week 10 - lost motivation

    sup guy im on week 10 of a 12 week 500mg/week sustenon 250 cycle. this week i trained 2 times out of the 6 i should have and half asses one of the days. to day i went to the gym and was gonna do my pull workout but was unmotivated AF and headed home after just 3 sets of bench.

    today is the last pin of week 10 and this has got me worried. if i go into PCT like this im gonna lose all my gains.. and if i keep half assing my workouts im not gonna get anything of the 2 weeks i have left.

    help me please

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    Sounds pretty similar to exactly what happened to me 5 years ago when I did my first and only cycle..... no I'm do my homework before I try something again...

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    What was your full cycle protocol? Were you taking an AI? HCG ? How much and how often?

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    He doesn't have the motivation to answer any questions I guess.

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    How is your situation at home/school/college/university/work, everything smooth over there?

    I guess even on cycle you might experience times where you don't feel like training at all. Shouldn't be a problem if you can push through it. That's life, ups and downs.

    But some more information about your total cycle might help the rest to give you a proper advice.

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    You will grow on test cycle even with minimal input. I know BBS want ALL they can get out of a cycle and want to go balls to the wall but reality is test makes you grow a substantial amount even if you do not lift. Check the 20 week cycle log on 600mg/week control study in the endrocrine journal. They were NOT allowed to lift and average gain was 14 kg muscle mass..some as high as 21 kg...with no lifting.

    Second....when was your last hormone panel? E2 is the bit** hormone and rob you of motivation like a yappin woman. Go grab some labs to see if your stats are in range.

    I have hit a down feeling twice over 30 weeks of total cycling I have done. Each time I grabbed a lab and my E2 was high and I needed to bump my Aromasin .

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