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Thread: if i can get it

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    if i can get it

    If i can find It do u think I should just stay with same cycle 250 test e and tren 250 oil based. 500 a week test and 250 week of tren. I'm 37 now this will be the 3rd cycle when I get ready to start it I am gone stay off a nother 2 mouths. Tell me what u think
    I have only toke this same cycle 1 time and have been off about 5 weeks now

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    Sounds more like you're fishing than asking for real advice. Others prob think the same since there are lots of views and this is the first post. If you really have a cycle planning question, I would suggest starting a new thread, removing the part about finding "it" (but it is kinda odd that this would be your 3rd cycle, so you must know where to find "it") and add in some stats, goals, history, and your AI and PCT plan (you did use those too right?)
    The guys on here are always willing to help and you will get great advice, but you have to do your homework and ask your question in a way that gives them all the info needed to help you out.
    Good luck bro!

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    Your question is difficult to understand. Do you mean that you have just finished another test/term cycle 5 weeks ago and you will wait another 2 months before starting another? We could give you better advice if you list your stats (age, weight, body fat%, etc). Also list your last cycle plan in detail, and the results you achieved. Did you do a post cycle therapy ?

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    Well I guess u could say I was fishing because I can't get my hands on it anymore. Just trying I guess but I do apologize for that I was trying to sneak that in ther.
    now my stats are 37 years old 198bl body fat is 12% 5ft 10in tale.
    Before I started the test/tren cycle I was 225bl at 19% body fat I was on the cycle for 12 weeks. I had test250 and tren250 i toke 500 of test a week and 250 a week of tren. I had no sides and i had a pct clomid and nolvadex

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    Hi, this would be the best method to approach your second cycle...

    1. Get your BW done to see where you're at chemically, plus if you want, get a full spectrum hormone test.
    2. Later, you can take those numbers to an endo and get a prognosis and at the same time post your numbers in the forum and get recommendations from VETS. They have the experience to filter out the good from the bad advice. Furthermore, based on their experience and knowledge listen to them and they will help guide you towards success.
    3. Read My First Cycle:
    4. Post your TDEE in the diet & nutrition forum and ask for advice. While you're getting advice start dialing in your diet and get your body ready for AAS, this will be the #1 factor for success when you start your cycle, and during PCT.
    5. Do your homework BEFORE you start your AAS.
    6. When you finish your PCT get your BW results done again and compare.
    Plus this... Cheers!
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