Hi guys so as the description says ive been running test e and boldenode for 4/5 weeks now and no results at all? This is my first ever cycle, dosage are as follows
Test e 375 every third day eg mon,thur,sat,wed...
Boldenode 300 same as test e

Ive been training on and off since i was 18 but stopped boxing and started doing weights only for about the last 3 years, im 23 years old 5,11 and about 92kg at 16% bodyfat

Meals are 90% of the time 6 times a day mainly ground beef egg whites oates rice beans spinach steak sweet potatoes and probably a few other things too

So im exactly the same weight as i started and no strength gains or anything really, is this the usual or whats the go? Would appreciate any advice cheers