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    First time and have questions

    Hi there, im a 31 yr old male, i have worked out for a number of years now and just bought some test 400. I do have type 1 diabetes and take a fast acting insulin and a long 24 hr acting one as well. just wondering your thoughts on this or anyone else on here that has diabetes as well. Any extra info helps.

    Thank you.

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    Ask your Dr.

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    Hi, More of this ^^^^ I would focus on your diet and nutrition and get your TDEE, BF, BW dialed in before using AAS. You will have to manage your a1c/blood pressure and keep it under control plus regular blood tests. This might be helpful...

    1. Get your BW done to see where you're at chemically, plus if you want, get a full spectrum hormone test.
    2. Later, you can take those numbers to an endo and get a prognosis and at the same time post your numbers in the forum and get recommendations from VETS. They have the experience to filter out the good from the bad advice. Furthermore, based on their experience and knowledge listen to them and they will help guide you towards success.
    3. Read My First Cycle:
    4. Post your TDEE in the diet & nutrition forum and ask for advice. While you're getting advice start dialing in your diet and get your body ready for AAS, this will be the #1 factor for success when you start your cycle, and during PCT.
    5. Do your homework BEFORE you start your AAS.
    6. When you finish your PCT get your BW results done again and compare. Cheers!

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