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    is 196.0 nmol/L high enough for a test e/bold cycle?

    First cycle
    Test e and boldenode
    375ml of test e and 300ml of bold every 3rd day
    4/5th week into cycle
    1kg up so far no strength or size gains?

    Age 23
    Height 179cm
    Weight 92kg
    5 years training 2 on and off but 3 years consistantly to date

    I had my test level results come back just before and it was
    196.0 nmol/L and was wondering if this was high or low considering how much ive used? Seems like an aweful lot of test and used so far and no gains so im suspecting its under dosed?

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    Do you share this account with somebody? 5 days ago you had never done, and couldn't do, AAS and now you are 5 weeks in?

    You should dith the eq anyway, you should be running test only for a first cycle. What is the range for those results?

    On cycle ancillaries?

    Pct plan?

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    The level was 196.0 nmol/L i dont know what that is converted to ng/dl ?

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    Like backin black said, how are you 5 weeks into a cycle?

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