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    About to start first cycle... Need before and after cycle advise.

    Plan on starting a mini cycle just to get my feet wet. 400-500mg of test cyp. per week, 05mg of arimadex eod, and hcg 250 twice per week. Im currently on trt 75mg test twice per week, hcg and don't even take the arimadex currently bc estridol levels were at 10....way to low. So my question is how long for my first cycle should I do this (for how many weeks) and when I come off how do I get my levels back down to where I am now which is roughly right at 1100 on my last blood test? My diet is pretty good I take in a pretty good amount of good fats and I take in at least 1gram of protein per pound of body weight. calories are usually around 2500-3000 per day, carbs I keep low as im trying to lose a little body fat ( little covering my abs) not much but around 10 more fat pounds. I currently weigh 180. what are your opinions, any help would be appreciated as this is new territory for me.
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    OP - my advice to is you need to read a little bit further into a actual cycle including HCG & AI . Not to offend you but for the reason your not getting any replies on your topic is for your lack of knowledge . Better safe than sorry

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