I'm 24yo 5'8" 175lbs ~14-15%bf about to run my third cycle. I've been in the army about a year and my gains from my first two cycles were lost in basic training. I won't be doing this cycle (or something similar to it) for a couple months bc I'd like to get rid of some of the fat I put back on after basic training, ~8lbs, and get back down to about 10-11%bf.

Wks 1-12: 500mg/wk test e
Wks 1-12: 300mg/wk tren
Wks 1-12: 500iu/wk Hcg
Wks 2-8: 50mg ed winstrol tabs 25mg am/25mg pm
Wks 1-12: 1mg/wk caber
25mg aromasin on hand for sides even though I'm not gyno prone.

Wks 14-17: 75/50/50/50 clomid 40/20/20/20 nolva

My goal is mainly a cutting cycle that will add some lean, solid muscle mass.

1. I've read that tren kills your cardio in large doses but 300mg should be a small enough dose that my cardio won't be effected too much by it, but enough where it will still produce noticeable and desirable effects.

2. Do I need the winstrol to cut down once I'm at the desired bf% or will the tren be enough to do it alone?

3. Is 500mg test too much to run with 300mg tren since tren is already so strong?

Any advice on what to add/remove/adjust along with constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thanks