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    newonly taking month cycle..need a bit of guidance

    So I just turned 19, I am planning on taking oral pills, such as Test 600x for a month..maybe two(most likely just one). I've gone from a athletic kinda guy to a really flabby ass dude from sitting on the couch for a year. I wanna change my life, but I really want the results now..due to many reasons(girls). I have not started yet.

    bottomline is..

    - is there gonna be any side effects from just a month use maybe two
    - need estrogen blockers..liverpills?
    - does the acne start coming on strong..I hear scrubs, lots of water, and showering prevent it
    - I'm not looking to bulk..I'm looking to lean up to how i was or even better.. getting *ripped*
    - I'm on a low carb diet..should I change up?

    newonly taking month cycle..need a bit of guidance-bfed6e520ab3e5ca68cf9452c0a145aa.jpg

    first photo was me.. when i was 16 or 17 training for boxing..never used supplements, protein or anything. quite skinny.. but i liked it. the 2nd is me now.. after a year of doing nothing, i hope i can get my physique back or even better
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails newonly taking month cycle..need a bit of guidance-%5E343bc8a05554bf6166a8dec9160046bd3207dc6c0f1f6d44dc%5Epimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg  

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    You need to change your life in the gym and kitchen, not from a bottle.

    That being said, no you wont have any negative side effects from using Test 600 from the sponsor at the top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovbyts View Post
    You need to change your life in the gym and kitchen, not from a bottle.

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