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    How much do you increase your AI by when you stack d-bol?

    Generally speaking how much should one expect to increase their AI dosage by when stacking d-bol to a test only cycle? For example, if 0.25 mg/EOD A-dex is enough for one to control their E2 levels when running 500 mg/wk test E, then how much would you expect that they may have to increase their a-dex usage by when stacking that amount of test with 50mg/day of d-bol?

    How much do you increase your AI usage by when adding d-bol to your own cycles?


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    It really depends on how sensitive you are to estrogen sides from the d-bol. 50mgs a day is a pretty solid dose, so you may need to up it to 0.50mg/EOD Adex.

    If that does not work, you can always run a low dose of Letro

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    Your body is pretty amazing and pretty forgiving. You shouldn't have to change very much if you're taking .25mg/eod. I talke .25mg/ed during cycle. I feel good and I get good results.

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