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    Anavar-centric stack opinions?

    Hey Gang,

    Just thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone has opinions. I've done 5-6 cycles over the last decade. Pretty much all sustanon / dbol or sustanon / anadrol stacks. This past fall I did a sustanon / anavar and I was blown away by the results. Road maps and cuts is all I have to say.

    So I'm happy with my size but those cuts were something to behold so I'm looking at an anavar-centric 8 week cycle. Is this a total disaster of a stack?

    Test Enth 250 mg. E3D
    Oxandrolone 80 md / day (I did 50 and am thinking I wana kick it up a notch)
    Pregnyl 250 iu E3D
    Arimidex .5 EOD - E3D
    PCT: tax / clomid

    Is there some other test I should consider to keep my boys rockin'? Is my stack a disaster?

    I'm 6'3' and 90 kilos, 37 yo.. happy with my size. Just loved the oxandrolone effect in my last cycle and the sustanon I'm finding down here where I live is crap... Sustanon 350? I mean... What 16 year old made this crap!?

    Also, I did not cut calories during the oxandrolone in my last cycle, just kept hitting my macros which in all truth were only about 500 over maint, wasn't looking to explode. Should I be cutting macros way way down during var? I got results with one protocol but am curious about optimization.


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    80 mg's is too much.It doesn't work that way.I did 8-10 a day about 5 years ago,and the last few years I have found out less is more!2-3 in the morning,2-3 in the afternoon.It also gives you incredible strength,which most sights will tell you it doesn't,they obviously haven't taken the real stuff.Make sure you use some Test,which U said you were,and the key to the vascularity and bulging veins is DIET!!!Lot's of protein,low carbs.You know the drill.ANAVAR is the best gear out there if it's used right.

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    Hey thanks Kelly.

    When you say lots of protein what's your take on macros? I was doing 20:40:40 for most of my last cycle and then cut down to extreme low carb (not keto) with 2 average carb days in the week when I started seeing the results on the var. So that was more like 30:20:50 with two days back at 20:40:40.

    Also, any take on my HCG dosing? I've never done it and I cant find any concise threads on it. 250 iu every 3 days? That's just from Augustines post about beginner cycles.

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