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    possible first time user need help with first stack

    Hey all, I recently have been wanting to do a cycle and have access to all the gear I could ever need. the only thing I've been debating on or over thinking is that I only want to do one cycle and then do the rest natural.

    I currently am 6'0, 24 years old, 250lbs with 20% body fat.

    Im almost fully comfortable with the amount of muscle I have now so that's why I'm thinking only 1 cycle and I've never done anything before.

    My main goal in mind is to gain some muscle but also cut as much as I can too safely so I can keep it off.

    From all the research I've been doing Ive had lots of ideas but also scared myself out of a few. So that's why I decided to post And get some info some exexperienced people.

    My current idea is to run test-e 500mg once a week for 12 weeks and maybe add some winny and master For cutting with a post recovery cycle after. My goal is to get under 10% body fat if possible. But I know it might not be possible just from this. My diet and routine are flawless in my opinion.

    If anyone has a better stack or ideas please comment. I want to make sure I do it right the first time. I am on a limited budget so I can't afford to drop a ton on this this.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from the awesome people on here.

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    Welcome to the board, darkvoice. It is not advised to run AAS with a body fat higher than around 15%, as the higher your bf is, the more prone you will be estrogen related side effects (gyno, for example). Why don't you post up your diet so we can take a look at it? How long have you been training and how long have you been keeping a consistent diet? What kind of progress have you made naturally? I suggest reading the link I posted above and, once you're down to the 15% bf range, implement the advice given from the link. Best of luck to you!

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    That's VERY heavily muscled. Can you post a pic to show what you have?

    In any event our diet forum is where you need to head, it's that (and cardio) that will get you down toward 10%. 'Flawless' diet and 20% bodyfat aren't 2 things that normally go together. Always worth another opinion.

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    The one thing i can tell you from experience is, you can take all the steroids in the world for as long as you want and it will not change your body fat composition unless you follow a strict diet. I'd suggest paying for a trainer.

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    Welcome to the board, darkvoice....

    Last year I was 275 and over 40% body fat. My current nutrition right now iS

    1/3 cup oatmeal
    Teaspoon almond butter
    Skim milk protein shake

    Greek yogurt
    Water protein shake

    1/2 cup brown rice
    1 cup veggies
    1 large chicken breast

    Greek yogurt
    Water protein shake

    Pre workout then gym for 2 hours (1.5 weights then 30 min hiit)

    2 cups veggies
    Chicken breast or talapia

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    I would rec test only for around 12 weeks, maybe something mild like anavar for the last 6-8 weeks while trimming up? but keep in mind its all diet for this.
    PCT I would rec the Tamox and Clomid combo for 4 weeks as is commonly posted here. and don't forget an AI during cycle like dex

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