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    superdrol vs winny

    I posted this in the show prep thread with no reply. Maybe i can get some feed back over here.. Hey boys got a quick question would it be better to use sdrol (20mg) on prep the last 4weeks instead of 6 weeks of Winny (50mg). The only I ask is because the Androgenic /Anabolic Ratio: are amazing on the sdrol (400/20) and the Winny (30/320) is good in the ratios. Thoughts? I know Winny is a staple in a show prep cycle but is that only because its hard to find sdrol? Thanks boys

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    Do you have experience w/both? I ask b/c im sure you've ran winny b4... So if your down to 6% or less now why not stick w/the winny for the final cut(unless you've done the sdrol and had those similar results... If that makes sense to you?!

    It's a great androgenic compound but I don't have experience w/it personally....

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    I have used both and would go with the Winnie tbh. Sdrol can be funky with side effects that may hamper with your training and work against you. I liked Winnie @ 50 mgs a day. I used it at the beginning of my 10 week tes/tren /hgh/t4 cutter for 6 weeks.

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