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    do I weigh enough to start taking NPP ??

    I'm around 158lbs and 5'10" so do I weigh enough to start my first cycle? I don't know a lot but I was thinking of a NPP only cycle for 9 wks. I have around 15% body fat. I'm in no rush to start my first cycle. I appreciate any advice.

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    How old are you? Either way, you could gain a little more natty before starting. Good luck!

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    At your current weight I think you have a lot of room to improve your diet. You are not eating enough to gain on cycle. Post up your nutrition plan for review

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    It would be in your best interest to spend some time learning about how to eat correctly to gain quality weight. This must be done first prior to considering a cycle and you will get the best results thus way.

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    I agree strongly with the replies before me.
    Wanted to add that an NPP Only cycle would not be a good idea.
    Test only for first cycles, and test always as a base.

    Get that nutrition and training dialed in and you will get great gains naturally.

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