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Thread: need good advice

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    Question need good advice

    Hey guys, I have pretty much already made up my mind to go ahead and step my game up and go this route. I am pretty much lost when it comes to this kind of stuff and am really hoping to get some good advice on what will benefit me most with the routine I have going already. First of all I am a BK amputee going on about a year now. I am finally past the phase of the constant pain and am really finding all kinds of new interests involving fitness and trying to always take it to the next level. I started boxing a while back to help me with my footwork and balance and absolutely fell in lovenwith the sport. I have a match coming up within the next few months and my daily routine involves conditioning in the mornings swimming, cycling, battle ropes etc... I attend a crossfit type class around 11 or noon, on days I try and lift every day but usually ends up being 3~4 days a week always get all muscle groups no matter what then I train boxing in the evenings for 2 or 2 1/2hrs mon thru fri. I always listen to my body and rest on days when I feel like im reaching my limits but def putting in workevery day. I eat like a horse and when im not training or eating I am sleeping. I was wondering what types of test or stacks you think will be most beneficial for me and my routine. I am stuck at 180 but shredded, I cant eat enough to put any weight on with the training I do. I really want to gain some good size butmore importantly I want the athleticism I already have to be enhanced

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    Hello and it is good to hear that you are embracing a healthy active lifestyle. I work in the prosthetics industry and know that it can take some time to overcome the frustration and loss of a leg. With that being said, it is important to learn as much as you can before making up your mind whether or not to do steroids . Because you asked what stack or steroid you should take does show that there is a lot you need to learn; and you can learn it by reading the red threads at the top of various sections. I would suggest first reading Austinites thread on "How to successfully plan and execute a first cycle." Here you will see that for any first cycle you should only take testosterone ; as well as an AI, with proper PCT. Also, you should not take steroids when you are young (under 26) by many people's standard. If you are younger than 26 you should read the sticky "the young and steroids" sticky. This will give you some important preliminary advice. Good luck!
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