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    New Cycle Time!! Help with reoccurring gyno..

    Planning my next cycle need some feed back.
    29 years old
    5 11 240lbs 14%
    6 cycles

    This will be a cutting cycle.

    wk 1-12 Test400 400/wk
    Npp 300/wk
    Masteron 400/wk
    HCG 500/wk

    PCT 14-18

    The issue i seem to always run into is my small gyno lump enlarges every time and then slowly shrinks after the cycle. I would like to avoid any enlargement at all, it also limits my test levels i can use to 400 possibly 500/wk. Anyone else have similar experiences or some feed back as to what AI dosages i should try?
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    What have you been using for a dosage and have you ever had bw done mid cycle. For most guys. 25 mgs eod at 500 mgs of tes is fine others need. 50 mgs e3d. We are all different. I use. 50 mgs e3d while using 800 mgs tes a week and no gyno.

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    Last cycle i used 25 eod then 25 ed... I have had blood work mid cycle not the last one how ever.. (doctor moved found new one). I was using tren at 250/wk would that amount have caused enough progest. to effect the estro i had in my system. Which is why i was thinking the prami at .5 ed. What really surprised me last cycle was no side effects leading up to the flare up no itchy or sensitive nipples at all. Labido was slightly reduced very little water retention.

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