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Thread: no lifting

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    no lifting

    Hi Guys,

    I've searched and searched and I can't seem to find the info I'm looking for but basically i do brazilian jiu jitsu so its cardio, i don't lift weights and i have a fairly good diet but the problem is i've got a lot of fat on me still even though i've lost 18kg. I'm struggling to strip the last bit of fat off me and i want to jump on steroids to avoid an extremely strict diet and for its other benefits too but what I want to know is what affects is it going to have on my body doing only cardio and no lifting.

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    I think you can accomplish what you are trying to do without aas. Hit the nutrition forum and post up your meal plan for review
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    If you jump on you will gain water weight and slow down cardio. Steroids do not help you loose weight. Only diet and cardio do the or I woukd have NO fat. LoL
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    Every person is different I consume 500g of carbs a day during my bulking season and I still stay a 6 to 10% body fat I can't gain fat to save my life even with insulin .

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