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Thread: Blood pressure going please!

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    Blood pressure going please!

    Iím entering on the 2th week.
    The cycle is that:
    Decadurabolin 50mg every 5 days
    Sustanon 200mg every 7 days
    I took only one shot of susta.
    Blood pressure (that was always 12/8) is now systolic always above 14 and diastolic between 91-99.
    I will start anstrazol 0,5mg every day.
    Is that a serious issue? Shall I stop the cycle? Shall I introduce something like hidroclorotizide (HCTZ) or Indapamide (another diuretic with some vasodilator effect)?
    Many tks for the help

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    Welcome first of that is not a good looking cycle set up you should stop and educate yourself on this before you hurt yourself.

    50mg of deca every 5 dats is no good

    Sus once per wk not so good either
    Then your talking diuretics no no and there is no talk of pct there is no point in me fixing or telling you to do this snd that so read the links i post here for you and don't do any more pin's pls be careful. Am really not being smart to you just helping you out once you read learn you will see yourself how bad this it.

    This one ^^ is in the data base

    Once your ready post up your proposed cycle and we can have a look and help you out if you need it and post up your stats next time as well.
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    Yeah plz research everything sounds like your estrogen is super high and you're retaining a lot of water this is probably the cause of your high blood pressure your tes levels are going up and down and that's not good it should stay steady throughout your whole cycle

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    i couldn't agree more with the responses. if you take 0.5 mg anastrozole ED you'll seriously put yourself in a health risk. these drugs are no joke, they could kill you if you don't know what you're doing.

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