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    General cycle questions

    Hey everyone!

    Some background info on me. This is my first cycle consisting of 600mg test e and 400mg deca . I'm 6'3 and 245. Around 12-13% body fat. I did natural bodybuilding before getting on cycle. I had a few questions. Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1) my cycle is test e weeks 1-18 and deca weeks 1-16. I didn't need to run an AI because I didn't have any estrogen related issues. I did get some high blood pressure but I took a diuretic for 4 weeks and now it is taken care of. Would you guys recommend hcg at the end of cycle before starting pct? My testicular size decreased slightly but it's hardly noticeable. For pct I was planning on running nolvadex at 40mg a day for 2 weeks and then 20mg a day for 3 weeks.

    2) what would you guys recommend for a future cycle to control blood pressure? I currently watch sodium and take potassium and coq10 which keeps it under control.

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    You do need an ai on cycle. When you inject supra physiological amounts of testosterone (or any aromatizing steroid ) your e will elevate as well. Your bp probably raised due to high estrogen causing excess water retention. That's why the diuretic was effective at lowering it. And just because you think you don't have high e related sides does not mean your e is not sky high. E sides are different for everyone and some have a higher tolerance to high e with no noticeable sides.

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    No good. Stick around for a while and learn.

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    I run hcg the entire cycle so I have no test lag when I come off. Take 250-300 iu's twice a week.

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