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    Pleas help, Anavar/Oxavar and overall questions???

    ***Im brand new to this forum so please forgive me if I posted this in the wrong area.***

    I know I am about to provide a lot of information right now, but I want to make sure to give all the details I can so I can get the most accurate information that may work for me...

    I am 27 years old my stats are as follows:

    21% body fat
    No health issues whatsoever (blood work at DR's came back perfect on 2-16-15)

    So i never really worked out/exercised my entire life until about a little over a year ago. Back on January 4, 2014 I weighed about 190 lbs, fat and completely our of shape. I started to workout out at the gym and didnt stop. I lost 20 pounds over the year the right away and got a lot stronger as well all around ( EX: I started benching 65lbs and now my first set is 155lbs). I would say that right now I am in great shape, I have done multiple Obstacle courses/mud runs (up to 15k's) throughout the year.

    I have also experimented a lot with different supplements as well and have been eating right for a while now. I would say I only have 1 to 2 cheat MEALS a week. The rest of the week is on point. A normal week for me is like the following:

    5:30 AM Wake up and have a Pure Karbolyn, Whey Protein, and Banana/Oats Shake
    6:00 AM Bullnox Pre Workout
    6:30 AM Hit the Gym to do weights with a Pure Karbolyn shake
    7:45 AM Protein Shake
    8:30 AM 3 egg white/1 egg with turkey (example meal)
    11:30AM Brown rice, chicken breast, sweet potato (example meal)
    2:30 PM Green Apple/1 serving of mixed nuts
    5:30 PM Brown Rice, turkey breast, brocolli (example meal)
    8:00 PM Abs and Cardio
    9:30 PM Casein Shake
    10:00PM Sleep

    Besides the supps I mentioned above I also take a Centrum multi vitamin, CLA pills at every meal, b12 once a day, and creatine.

    So now comes why I am writing on this board in the first place...

    Even after the weight I have lost, the strength I have gained, the shape I am in, and the amount of money I spend on supps, When I take off my shirt I still look fat and flabby. I can workout my chest on Monday and look swoll in the chest for an hour but then its gone. Even my own wife tells me all the time, you work out so hard and you can barely tell by looking at you... It has almost gotten to the point where I just am thinking maybe its not in my genetics maybe I should just quit.

    I was telling all this information to a friend of mine recently and he recommended to me to take Anavar . He says it is all he uses, and he looks like he can be on a Magazine cover. I am not interested in looking like a mag cover model but im tired of looking so flabby when I take my shirt off so what heck I asked him to get me some.

    He was only able to grab me one bottle of Anavar 10mg/100count, and another bottle of oxavar 50mg/50count. He told me that this is all his guy can get him right now. He told me I need to take 20 mg of Anavar (10 in morning 10 at dinner) for a week then up to 50mg Anavar or Oxavar for 6 weeks then 20 mg of Anavar for one week, 8 weeks total. I also already bought Iron Labs cycle support for during the 8 weeks, and Iron Labs PCT for about 1 month after.

    So first of all thank you for taking the time to read my extremely long and boring workout biography. My questions are:

    1. What do you think of the anavar/oxavar cycle and how would you tweak it? Or what would you change?
    2. What do you think Im doing wrong in my everyday workout/diet?
    3. Anything else you would recommend?

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    I just want to add that the majority of my fat is in my belly. My goals are to lose the belly fat but get bigger (muscle) everywhere else...

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    Welcome to the board!

    Thank you for taking the time to give all that information, we really appreciate that when we're trying to help people.

    First off, I want to address the fact that early in your post I could almost feel how excited and proud you were about the accomplishments you've achieved with your body and your fitness level.... then a few paragraphs later, you're talking about quitting.... STOP that! What you've accomplished is incredible and you should be proud. Who you are today vs who you were last year is amazing... just because you're not where you want to be doesn't mean you should quit. If you quit 1 month into this think about where you'd be.... that same fat guy who was unhappy. If you quit today you'll miss out on who you would have been in 3 months and 6 months and a year from now.... Failing is an option, because that's how you learn, but quitting is never an option.

    That being said, because I can appreciate your current situation I am going to give some input which I normally wouldn't give out to people seeking info on Anavar only cycles.

    I have done Anavar only cycles and to be honest, I would never do one again. The reasons why are; The cost to run a proper anavar cycle is crazy and I'm not bragging but lack of money is not a problem for me, so don't look at it that way. It's just crazy to spend the kind of money it takes to run the cycle properly when you can run much better cycles (ie: test cycle) for way less money and much much better results.


    Anavar will actually shut your natural test production down. Some people it shuts down really hard (like myself) some people not so much, but either way it will shut you down, so without a test base, this is a bad idea.

    Now, if you insist and you want to run this cycle because you don't want to inject yourself, and I understand that.... there was a time I didn't want to inject.... then it turns out I really enjoy sticking the needle in.... I know, I'm kind of sick, so sick I do short ester test so I have to do Everyday injections Anyways.... If you're gonna do it, my opinion is, Anavar should be ran at 80mg each day for 8 weeks, and go ahead and split the dose AM and PM. Starting at a low dose then going up and tapering off, makes no sense with Anavar, that's not how to use anavar at all... However you're far from the first person to think that is how to do it, so don't feel bad.

    You're also going to want to keep some taurine on hand and potassium for muscle craps and have a proper PCT this irons labs stuff is not the real deal.

    That all being said, I'm not sure anavar or any AAS is the answer for you right now. Honestly, I think you need to just keep working hard and focus on your goals for at least another year before dipping into this world, but you're an adult and get to make your own choices and keep in mind., I'm only giving an opinion. I also think you need to rework your diet, I personally feel you have too many shakes among other things. This forum has a great diet section where they would be happy to help if you post your diet and stats in that section, and if Gbrice jumps in to help, tell him I sent you

    If you want to continue this conversation or have any specific questions about something I posted, just hit me back.
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    The chances are the var is fake. I know your going to run it because now you have it sitting in fronts of you. A normal cycle is 50-80mgs ew, 80 being high. If you want to lose fat you need to start doing lots of cardio a long with a good, calorie restrictive diet. I doubt that var will do anything for you.

    Disclaimer-BG is presenting fictitious opinions and does in no way encourage nor condone the use of any illegal substances.
    The information discussed is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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