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    Help starting a great first cycle!

    I am going to be starting my first cycle in a couple weeks and need some help starting ie what steroids to use for a first time user, how long, how many mg's ect. I use to weigh about 210 lbs at 5'9 pretty chubby and have gotten down to 160 but now it's time to add some real muscle. I still would like to loose 10 more lbs of fat because I do have minimal muscle. As I am new I will be researching and studying all your suggestions so I am fully knowledgeable for my cycle.


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    years of training?
    you saying you have "minimal muscle" leads me to believe you haven't been training that long or your diet isnt up to par (I suspect both actually) congrats on the weight loss though! It's good to cut down to a low bodyfat before trying to bulk up so you don't start fat than bulk up and just look even fatter making your cut twenty times harder.
    post up what you eat every day and let's see what we can do to help you out. I don't think AAS are the answer at this point in time, however.

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    Sounds like you need to work on your base and establish a good foundation before considering a cycle. Check out the diet section and do some research.

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