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    hCG ratio compared to test E?

    Hey guys, i am wondering if i should reduce the amount of hCG /week since i am reducing the amount of test/week. I am just wondering if i should be keeping the ratio the same or just stick with the cycle i have below.

    hCG ratio compared to test E?-screen-shot-2015-03-12-3.18.41-pm.jpg

    So like said above should i adjust the hCG iu's? This is my first cycle and i know 300/week is low but i just want to see how i react, i know 500 is optimal
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    From what I understand you shouldn't do less hCG .
    300mg/week test is going to shut you down just as much as 500mg/week.

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    Keep it where it is. Makes no sense to reduce it.
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    ok thanks guys, ill log it when i start in a couple weeks. Thank you for your help

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