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    Bridging my cycle.... ?

    I have read about bridging between cycles and wondered how I should go about it. I have been taking 2 cc's each a week of T400 and EQ as well as 3 pills each a week of Tbol and Proviron . I am near the end of my 12 week cycle and am planning on going off for 4-8 weeks.
    I have HCG and Nolvadex but I read about bridging and how I would just lower my test intake until I start my next cycle.
    I would like to know if I should do the HCG and Nolva while I bridge or just the Nolva? How much should I do and what if my cycle would I still take?

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    Have you run hCG on cycle? AI? Liver support? Two orals in one cycle and you want to bridge?! Time on plus PCT = time off b4 starting... Have you gotten BW? Are you making money doing this?

    What's your stats? Cycle experience?

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