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    getting a lady lump..

    on 4th week of cycle right now.... getting a lump in both pecs, its not visible to the eye but i can feel them both. Rushed some adex here, and going to start running it.

    Havnt ever experienced gyno sides before honestly, when i run the adex, are the lumps going to go away or will they just not become any larger?

    I know typical doses of adex, however should I front load it at all since I'm having problems?

    Also, I got liquidex, used to using pill form. lemme know what to expect.


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    I'd run the adex at whatever dose you're used to but get some raloxifene and start it asap. The adex will get your current e level under control and the ralox is your best bet for getting rid of your lady lumps altogether.

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    Should always run an AI on your cycle. There are internal issues with high E as well as external, and gyno is the least of your worries.
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    I personally run adex at .5mg/day, and I believe that's a very common dose. I've seen some run .25, and some run 1mg/day. I've played with it and .5 works best for me.

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