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    First Cycle Pre Contest - Advice Needed

    I'm 24 years old male
    59 tall
    161 lbs
    9% body fat

    This is my first cycle. I am 6 weeks out from a mens physique show and considering a 4 week test prop/anavar cycle.

    I've been training since I was 22 and I've been consistently training for nearly 3 years now.

    My goal is to get a thick and full look on stage while also having a dry/hardened look

    Here is my cycle proposal:

    Week 1 to 4: Test prop 300mg per week. (100mg EOD)
    Week 1 to 4: Anavar 80mg a day
    Week 2 to 4: hCG 1000iu IU weekly or aimidex at 0.5mg every other day??

    PCT after 4 days with Clomid at 75/50/50/50 and Nolva at 40/20/20/20 for 4 weeks

    Please can you critique my cycle and let me know if there any changes I should make?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You will be in the middle of your PCT during your show.

    I'm not so sure it's a good idea jumping on your first and short cycle just before your 1st show. You might end up with sides such as acne or bloat and screw up your whole show chances.

    If I was you I would just concentrate on diet and training hard until your show staying natural and then experimenting with a cycle or two later when you have time to see how your body will react.

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