Hello, I'm new to this forum and i apologize if my post happens to be in the wrong section (I wasn't sure where to post this). Im 34 years old, currently one month into trt (200mg/week) My stats: 23% bf, 240lbs, 6'0. I work out 3-4 times/week
My main goal is to drop bf and improve energy throughout the day. I'm considering:
MIC Amino Blend 125mg/ml - 50ml
GAC Amino Blend 375mg/ml - 50ml

Is this worth my time and money? what type of results should i expect?
Is there a better alternative?
What would be preferred dosage? and how many times per week for each amino blend?
Can these aminos be stacked together in order to amplify results or should they be used at different time (for ex: one to be used before workout/cardio while the other to be used for post workout/recovery)
what is the best time of day to take each amino blend? (morning, pre workout, post workout/bedtime?)
Maybe you can suggest something else to help me achieve my goal?
Look forward to your advice